Project MakefileΒΆ


The commands below are presumed to be run relative to the project root unless explicitly stated otherwise. ./ also refers to the project root.

To facilitate smooth development workflow, we provide a Makefile defining a number of convenience commands.

  • clean running

    1. clean-build (build artifact removal);
    2. clean-pyc (compilation artifact removal);
    3. clean-test (test and coverage artifact removal).


    $ make clean
    $ make clean-build
    $ make clean-pyc
    $ make clean-test
  • lint checking codebase compliance with PEP8 via flake8:

    $ make lint
  • test running py.test:

    $ make test
  • test-all running tox:

    $ make test-all
  • coverage running coverage:

    $ make coverage
  • docs generating project docs via Sphinx:

    $ make docs
  • servedocs serving docs live via watchdog:

    $ make servedocs
  • setup-release packaging and releasing the project to PyPI:

    $ make setup-release
  • setup-dist builds source and wheel packages via setuptools:

    $ make setup-dist
  • setup-install installing the package to the current environment:

    $ make setup-install
  • install keeping local environment dependencies in sync with those defined in ./requirements*.txt:

    $ make install